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     Pirok & Haase, concentrates in Commercial Litigation, Business, Medical Negligence, and Trials and Appeals but is first and foremost a firm dedicated to providing each of its clients with aggressive, result-oriented, and cost effective representation. The firm’s attorneys practice in Federal and State courts at both the trial and appellate levels, and the firm also represents its clients in the arbitration and mediation of disputes. Members of the firm are licensed in Illinois and New York, and the firm practices in both states. Since its formation, Pirok & Haase has established a reputation for thorough investigation and preparation of its cases and vigorous, ethical representation of its clients’ interests. An important ingredient in the firm’s success over the years has been its commitment to keeping its clients thoroughly informed of significant developments on each case, a practice which enables our clients to make informed decisions regarding the management and resolution of each case. Our expertise as litigators enables us to assist our clients in negotiating transactions that minimize the likelihood of future litigation and the risk of loss should litigation occur.




     A thorough knowledge of the substantive issues of law and fact in litigation and in negotiated transactions combined with the practical application of the economic, business, and judicial principles involved in both the courtroom and the conference room are hallmarks of representation by Pirok & Haase. To successfully represent our clients, we have been, and are, able and willing to take any litigated matter to trial, to appeal, and to perform whatever task is necessary to win. Often, our thorough case preparation and defense strategies have enabled us to achieve cost-effective pretrial resolutions of litigated matters. Our representation of clients on non-litigated matters is always guided by the possibility of future litigation, making us strive to negotiate agreements which limit the possibility of future litigation as well as the negative costs and effects of litigation when litigation is unavoidable.

     Legal representation involves both an emotional and financial commitment on the part of the client to achieve specific objectives. These objectives and intelligent judgments about case management and resolution can only be realized if the client is fully informed about the legal and practical alternatives to specified courses of action. Consequently, Pirok & Haase consistently and promptly informs each client of all significant developments and considerations in each matter of representation. In consultation with a variety of independent experts in substantive areas, we provide the best possible evaluation of each case in an informative and cost-effective manner.

     No amount of information or literature can provide personal experience. While we seek to provide a vivid picture of our firm, we realize that in the final analysis a client’s decision to retain our firm can only come after personal contact and experience. We invite you to meet with us to discuss how our firm can best serve your legal needs. Pirok & Haase welcomes the opportunity to have you experience our services and benefit from our competence and professionalism. Pirok & Haase is proud of the reputation it has built, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest professional representation possible.

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